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I developed the "EffectiVe Marketing" method to
Lead businesses and individuals to career and business success

I'm a wife and a mother of three, a Marketing expert - entrepreneur, lecturer & consultant.
I graduated with honors from the Department of Communication and Political Science at Bar Ilan University,
And postgraduate studies in advertising marketing and public relations management at Bar Ilan.
Over 20 years of marketing strategy for high-tech companies, startups, organizations and leading international companies. I worked at Mizrahi Bank, Radvision, Radguard, Softlib, Regisoft, Ping Mobile, bobile, DoublxVR  and the Israeli delegation to the UN.

I'm here to lead you to success, not just in business, but in life. That's my vocation.

It does not suit everyone, but if you have a strong desire to succeed and you are willing to invest I am committed to your success.

I do not guarantee it will be easy, but I guarantee you will get the most effectiVe tools for success.

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Why us?

Upward Curve


For successl even in times of crisis.

Everybody knows Pareto law, But my Pareto is a little different, it's not 80-20. When 95% of the resources are invested in building an effectiVe strategy, the remaining 5% of execution become extremely easy and  profitable, not to mention - FUN!
I have overcome so many challenges successfully that life has trained me to help you succeed even in times of crisis. I have a plan


Every action is preceded by a thought

Tell us where you want to go and we will lead you. What you love and enjoy in business, what are you good at  and what the market needs are. We build with you an effectiVe and unique marketing plan. suited just for you. with minimum resources for maximum result. I help my clients to be precise and grow in the right diraction. When every action is preceded by a thought, results are sure to come.

Brainstorming Session
Analyzing the data


Fulfillment, revenues, balance and gratitude

Grow your business, increase revenues and generate a steady income that grows over time,  Do exactly what you love, serve customers you choose, 
Pinpoint your results, the lifestyle you want to live, The results will come.

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